Earlewine Family


I love this family. When Jordan and I married, Julie and Daron took us in as newly weds. For all who have been through it, you know that sometimes the transition with friends from pre-marriage life to married life can be difficult. Suddenly, your single friends feel like a third wheel hanging out regardless of if you mean for them to or not, and then making new friends with other couples can sometimes be awkward because maybe the women get along great but the men not so much or vice versa. Bottom line, life changes and marriage brings a whole new wonderful season but the transition with community can be tough. We ran into Julie and Daron right before we got married. Jordan knew them growing up but had lost touch over the years. They told us to be in touch when the wedding was over and so we did. They took us in and made the transition pretty dang smooth!🙂 Three years later we are blessed to do life with these friends who are really more like family. Oh and did I mention they have three ridiculously handsome little boys?! Here is a glimpse of their family with Julie’s parents and brother in the mix as well!

Neal Dotson


This month (yes, I’m finally catching up) I met this young man, Neal. He is in his senior year at Noblesville High School. We hopped around Noblesville on a gorgeous fall day and took some senior portraits. His dad, friend, and my husband Jordan tagged along so we had quite the audience/entourage! He was a little hesitant at first but I think once we got in the swing of it he realized (hopefully) it wasn’t so bad. Neal, it was such a pleasure to meet you. I hope the rest of your senior year is great and that “senioritis” does not get the best of you!🙂


Lynley Elizabeth White


Last month I had the wonderful blessing of going to the hospital to meet sweet baby girl Lynley Elizabeth. She is the newest addition to the White family. She made her debut on September 21, 2011 and was greeted by her momma, dad, gigi, grandad, and a very excited big brother. Love the White family and could not be more thrilled for them. Lynley, we are so excited you are here finally!

Janna and Brendan


My sister-in-law is engaged! Brendan and Janna met about 2 1/2 years ago up in Canada. (My in-laws are Canadian if I have not already mentioned that before). After our visit to Canada, Janna and Brendan stayed in touch with one another thanks to the wonderful Skype. It became apparent something was developing because when I say they “kept in touch,” I really mean they began talking to each other most every night for lengthy amounts of time on Skype. They would visit one another when they could, and actually did quite an impressive job with this considering the distance between.

We all knew they were headed to the path of marriage pretty much when they started dating. They have a great love for travel and adventure (which Jordan and I love). Brendan was to visit one more time this summer before fall semester began. Janna went to pick him up from the airport, but little did she know that Brendan would not arrive. Instead, her father told her that Brendan wanted to take her to dinner but she would have to meet him. Her parents presented her with her tickets and luggage to Puerto Rico where Brendan would be waiting for her. (I know ladies, really?!)🙂 So she was off to Puerto Rico and after a few hiccups in travel plans they both arrived there and had a wonderful week vacation with friends of Janna’s that live out there. On one of their final days out, Brendan took Janna on a day full of scuba diving, snorkeling, and hanging out on the beach. It was at the end of this day where on the beach she would find a treasure box sticking up out of the sand under her towel. She opened it up and there was her ring. He “said lots of really wonderful things” and then proposed to her!!! She of course said yes, and so now our family is growing again! The wedding will be December 30th of this year so we are busy busy helping her plan the wedding in Canada.

They are both as unique and beautiful as their story is. We are so excited to officially welcome Brendan into the family and cannot wait for their big day to arrive. Love you both!